Chance Sports Exists To...

Level the playing field for young adults regardless of family income. 


Who Should Apply?

  • Competitive Youth Athletes Who Have...- Tried out for a competitive team, been offered a roster spot, or are already on a competitive team.
  • Athletes Ages 8-19
  • Families Who Meet our Financial Eligibility- see chart below


Do you provide scholarships for recreational athletes?

No, we only provide scholarships for athletes in competitive sports. 

What costs does a chance sports scholarships cover?

Our scholarships can be used by athlets to pay for club fees, tournaments fees, equipment, uniforms and travel (flight, hotel, gas). 

How are scholarships distributed?

Scholarships are distributed to athletes via an electronic debit card. These cards can be used online and in-person. They are similar to Apple Pay or Android Pay. 

Is there a deadline to apply for a scholarship?

No, there are no deadlines. Scholarships are reviewed and awarded on a rolling monthly basis. We recommend applying for a scholarships once your child has tried out or registered to play for a competitive team. The club team will verify your child’s spot on the team. 

How often can I apply for a scholarship for my child?

You can apply every month if you’d like, but you can only be awarded one (1) scholarships per athlete every 12 months. 

I have more than 1 child - Can I apply for a scholarship for each of them?

Yes, as long as you meet the eligibility requirements, you are able to applyfor each of your children. 

What if I have more questions?

Contact our Program Director, Paige Burkett, via email or by call/text. or 303-215-4515

Have Questions?

Contact our Program Director, Paige Burkett, via email or call/text. or 303-225-4515.