Why Chance Sports?
At Chance Sports, we’re dedicated to providing scholarships to competitive athletes in order to level the playing field for families who are not able to afford the rising costs. Our families fuel our efforts and are our number 1 priority. We’re working side by side with sport clubs and their athletes to offer new and continued opportunities to play competitive sports. 

Youth participation in sports is associated with:

Mental, Emotional and Social Health

  1. Lower rates of stress, anxiety and depression 
  2. Less substance abuse and reduced risk of suicide
  3. Higher self-esteem and confidence
  4. Fewer reports of loneliness

Physical Health

  1. Increased cardiorespiratory, bone and muscular health
  2. Reduced rates of obesity 
  3. Reduced risk of 13 different types of cancer and diabetes 
  4. Increased overall quality of life

Education and Leadership

  1. Better grades in school 
  2. Increased creativity and cognitive performance
  3. Improved life skills – collaboration, grit and resilience 
  4. Increased work ethic, goal-setting and leadership skills

*80% of female Fortune 500 executives have played competitive sports.

Let's Break This Down

Our athletes are so much more than numbers, but sometimes it helps to see them written down. Take a look at what we’ve done. 

*All data as of July 1, 2024
Scholarship Details

– 2023 –
$210,000 Awarded
199 Athletes
17 Partner Clubs
– 2024 YTD (May 1, 2024) –
133 Athletes
38 Partner Clubs

*All data as of July, 2024
Athlete Statistics

Average Athlete Age:
10 Years Old
Average Family Size/Household Income:
4.6 People/$57,000
Age Range of Athletes:
8 – 19 Years
% 0f 2024 Multisport Athletes: